Traquer – Testing made easy

25 Oct
Traquer is a tool that enables you to record a testing session on you web/page/app, than reproduce it, monitor how it performed, create a naïve heatmap, and even automate your testing sessions using Selenium Webdriver and Jasmine. Said that, which ... Read more »

Interactive Twitter stream visualization now online!

16 Jun
Hey, we’ve just published this cool D3.js visualization of live Twitter stream! Check it out at Also, stay tuned, we’re about to publish a lot of useful posts about how this thingy was ... Read more »

Let’s make an isometric game

24 Jan
isometric game
Last two weeks I was so bored with routine coding and routine life stuff, that I’ve searched for any distraction that could come to my mind. First, I tried to read some book, but that ended up before it started. ... Read more »