ExtJS tag cloud

28 Jun
I’ve stumbled upon a piece of code written for Ext 3.2 while searching for ExtJS Tag cloud (word cloud if you wish), and decided to modify it a bit. It looks something like this So here is a tag cloud ... Read more »

ExtJS grid default filter

10 Dec
Recently I came around the situation in which it was required to provide a set of default filters that should be applied to grid during it’s initialization stage so it comes filtered by some specific rules. ExtJS has it’s ways ... Read more »

Finding components, DOM elements or whatever using ExtJs

22 Aug
DOM lookup can be hell of a job, because it’s structure can be monstrouos in case of serious web sites, not to mention heavy one-page web apps. That’s why we, today, have some cool libraries (like jQuery) that perform some ... Read more »

ExtJS Components

2 Aug
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  ExtJS Components – the¬†building blocks Beside great MVC implementation, object oriented approach and ton of other benefits that ExtJS provides for developer, one of the top 3 futures (if you ask me) is ability to not to code layout ... Read more »